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Repairs and Sales

Musaics is located in the outer east of Melbourne, in Tecoma, Australia, and since 1988 has specialized in the repair, making of replacement parts and sales of tuned and non-tuned percussion instruments. This includes school and classroom musical instruments such as xylophones, metallophones, glockenspiels, hand-drums etc, that are often referred to as Orff instruments, as well as concert xylophones, vibraphones, marimbas, glockenspiels, timpani etc. As far as I know I am the only person in Melbourne who makes notes, or bars, for xylophones, metallophones, vibraphones, glockenspiels and marimbas.

I am also wanting to purchase or accept donations of unwanted or damaged classroom percussion instruments. These I can repair and donate or on sell to schools that face budgetary constraints that limit access these instruments.

I am also happy to repair instruments in exchange for unwanted instruments. Schools often receive donations of unwanted instruments that remain unused by the school. This can be anything like guitars, electronic items, wind or brass instruments.

I also offer some repairs to guitars, particularly guitar electronics, and some repairs to the violin family as well as replacing velum heads on classroom hand drums, djembe and banjo style instruments.

Contact: Bill on 0422176438, or Email

Repairs can be carried out on site when appropriate, or I can pick up and deliver.
Musaics is able to supply a range of replacement parts, accessories, including various rubber components, notes (bars or keys) for xylophone, vibraphone, marimba and glockenspiels, pins (for classroom instruments) etc. Some of these items are listed on the accessories page .

I have recently had a few enquiries for the rubber sleeves that cover the metal supports for the string through the bars of concert style xylophones and vibraphones. As these are no longer available for some instruments, and expensive for some others, I have devised an alternative, that is described in the Instrument Repairs page

Musical Instruments for Sale

I often have a number of instruments for sale, both new and second hand. I am mostly interested in selling instruments I know something about, so tend to stock percussion instruments as well as guitars and various other fretted instruments, as well as instruments form the violin family. If you are looking for something in particular, feel free to contact me, or keep an eye on this site for some bargains, like the ones listed on the music instruments for sale page. This page lists various odd items like stands, recorders etc. The various pages listed on the Instruments for Sale page list the tuned percussion, various fretted instruments, violin family, woodwind and drums I have for sale.

Stuff for Sale

Listed on the Guitars page are the remaining steel string acoustics I have left at this stage.

Listed on the Electronics page is a range of pickups, switches, leads, XlR plugs and sockets etc.

Listed on the Hardware page are various fretted instrument related hardware parts, including bridges, tuners, jass style bridges, pickups, electronic switches etc.

Listed on the Violins page is a range of violin accessories.

Listed on the Bows page is a range of violin, viola, cello and double bass bows.

Listed on the Tuned Percussion page are a range of concert and classroom vibraphones, xylophones and marimbas for sale.

Listed on the Drums page are various drum parts and accessories, a Suzuki classroom drum, premier marching drum harnesses, timpani heads etc.

Listed on the Brass and Woodwind page are a range of brass stands as well as a range of reeds for all reed instruments.

Listed on the Speakers page, is a range of mostly guitar and PA speakers. Some very interesting vintage speakers listed here.

Listed on the Strings page, is a range of guitar, bass guitar, violin, viola and double bass strings available.

Listed on the Mallets page, is a range drums sticks and mallets for bass drum, xylophone, glockenspiel and vibraphone