Xylophone, Metallophone, Marimba and Vibraphone Parts and Accessories

I am able to provide a range of tuned percussion accessories, which include mallets, various rubber components, pins used for locating bars on tuned percussion, bars (notes) for any tuned percussion instrument, etc. If you are wanting to carry out your own repairs, I can help with the required parts.

I also supply some specific replacement parts, i.e for Premier Vibraphones, Premier drums, Suzuki xylophone pins etc. Some of these parts are listed below, some on the repairs page of this web site. If you are looking for something specific please contact me.

Concerning replacement bars for instruments. I tend to use either Honduras Rosewood or two varieties of Padauk for wooden bars, and prefer to use a 6061 T6 alloy for vibraphone bars.

I am also happy to assist anyone wishing to carry out their own repairs. With regard to Orff style classroom instruments, I have a fairly comprehensive do-it-yourself booklet available by e-mail on request. There are also a number of suggestions and tips on repairs and things to look out for in buying new instruments on the FAQ page of this site.

Contact me by phone: 0422 176 438.

e-mail: billv@westnet.com.au for any questions

Tuned Percussion Mallets

I can supply a range of mallets designed for use with most classroom instruments. Mallets come in various sizes and hardness to suite various instruments. The general rule is, the higher up the range of the instrument, the harder the mallet needs to be to enable the instrument to speak. So, for example, you would want a softer and larger head on a mallet for a bass xylophone, and a smaller and harder head on a soprano xylophone. Using a hard mallet on a bass xylophone tends to bring out the higher harmonics, or, if you like, gives the sound a harder edge, and does not allow the fundamental note of the bar to sound. This might be required in specific situations, but mostly it just sounds unpleasant. A soft mallet used on a soprano xylophone or a glock just does not give much sound, and often results in the bar being bounced off the instrument. Having said this, there are times when this rule may not apply, i.e. using a soft felt mallet on a soprano metallophone can sound very nice, if a little soft.
Mallets that I manufacture are made with grey PVC handles, that can stand a reasonable amount of punishment (certainly better than wooden handles). I also provide a range of mallets sourced from elsewhere.

Thor orchestral chimes mallets

Thor orchestral chimes mallet

As shown in the photo. Made in England. Number 0, (little ones). 3 pair left.

Price $5 each (GST inclusive).

Class room mallets

The following mallets are intended for classroom use. Good for a range of classroom or Orff style xylophones, metallophones, glockenspiels, marimbas etc.

Glockenspiel Mallets

Percussion mallets

These mallets are mostly used for Glockenspiels.

Price $8.80 pair (GST inclusive).

Alto Xylophone Mallets

Percussion mallets

These mallets are mostly used for Alto Xylophones, the top end of bass xylophones, or middle of the Marimba. PVC handles with rubber heads.

Price $11 pair (GST inclusive).

Bass Xylophone Mallets

Percussion mallets

These mallets are mostly used for Bass Xylophones, or bottom end of a Marimba. These are made by myself, using soft coloured bouncing balls. Colours and size will vary depending on what I have available. Diameter of the heads varies between 32mm and 40mm.

Price $11 pair (GST inclusive).

Bass Marimba Mallets

Percussion mallets

These mallets are mostly used for Bass Marimba, the type that starts 2 octaves below middle C. These are made by myself, using 60 mm diameter soft rubber balls. Colours will vary depending on what I have available. The pen is in the photo to give an idea of size.

Price $15 pair (GST inclusive).

Triple Head Mallet

The triple head mallet shown is used for chime bars. It allows for 3 tone or chime bars to placed next to each other and played at the same time. Instant chord!
Price $5.50 each

Yamaha Vibraphone Battery Pack

Yamaha Vibraphone Battery Pack Yamaha Vibraphone Battery Pack

This battery pack hooks on the side rail next to the speed control of a yamha vibraphone. I recently added a motor and speed assembly to a Yamaha vibraphone. On the exploded diagram for this instrument is shown a battery pack that also plugs into the speed control so that it does not need mains power. The Yamaha people however advise that this is no longer available. My friend Bruce has made up the battery holder. The actual battery pack is available from Jaycar Electronics, and requires 8 x AA batteries, and does require a suitable DC power plug to be soldered onto the leads. This enables the vibe part to work anywhere. Take it out into the garden. Keep it in your kit in case a power connection is not available.

Price: $70

Deagan Xylophone Parts

Deagan Xylophone Thumb Screws

Part of the restoration of a Deagan 870 xylophone required replacing missing thumb screws. My clever friend Bruce has made a few. The one on the left is the original 100 or so year old one, and the one on the right is a new stainless steel one.

Price: $10 each.

Vibraphone motor belt

Premier Vibraphone belt

I am able to make Vibraphone belts to suite pretty well any vibe. I will need to know the length of the belt. To find this I advise using a piece of string, and run it round the path of the belt until it meets up with the start. Measure this length and that should be the length of material needed to make the belt, as well as the answer to "how long is a piece of string? I have added a video of how to make a vibraphone belt to YouTube, for those wanting to do this. It is quite easy. Open up Vibraphone Belt Replacement in another tab and all will be revealed.

I have some Premier vibe belts, as used on Premier Vibraphone model 751.
I have been very kindly informed by Dave in the UK that from 1979 onwards both the 751 and 701 models used the same belt, which uses the 1358 accessory pack.

From 1961 to 1979 the 701 used belt no. 729.

From 1958 to 1963 the 750 model used belt 731.

From 1963 to 1979 the 751 model used belts 729, 741.

The belt that I make here in Australia fits the model I see in Australia, that uses the motor shown below, and is the single belt system. Measurements are 5 7/8' x 6 1/8' x 1. In Australia, when this was available as an "o" ring, the Part no. was BS7257.

I have sent this belt to a few people around the world and it seems to have solved the problem, but having just learned that there are variations, it might be worthwhile checking dates etc.

All belts are: $8

Premier vibraphone parts

Part no.0774 Premier Vibraphone Tension Spring

Premier vibraphone string retainer. It looks exactly like the original part, but this one was made by my very clever friend Bruce on his 3D printer.

Price: $5.00 each.

Premier Vibraphone Rubber Bar Mount.

Premier rubber peg mount for Premier Vibraphones Premier rubber peg mount for Premier Vibraphones

My good and ever resourceful friend Bruce has solved the Premier Vibe rubber problem. These new rubbers are 3-D printed. The material feels exactly like the original rubber material. Now available in quantity!

Price: $4.00 each.

Premier Vibraphone Peg Rubber Metal Mounts

Premier rubber peg mount for Premier Vibraphones

Genuine Premier rubber peg metal for Premier Vibraphones. These are the metal part onto which the rubber peg fits. Very hard to get. They don't need to be replaced all that often, and only if the instrument has had a very hard life. I also have the rivets that are needed to rivet then into place, as shown.

Price: $2.00 each.

Premier Part no. SP0750-044

Premier part no. SP0750-044. Is the Vibraphone leaf spring component for locking to the damper bolts/pins

Price: $6.90 each.

Premier vibraphone castors

Premier Vibraphone Castors. Does your premier vibe need new wheels?

Price: $80.

Premier Timpani Tuning Handle and Washer

Premier Timpani Tuning Bolts Premier Timpani Tuning Bolts

As shown in the photo. Part number SP226-6, and the newer tensioning bolt

This is the tuning handle, several of which are used around the rim of earlier Premier Timpani. The sort of part that would be hard to find.

Normally $30. Price $10 each (GST inclusive).

Premier Timpani Tuning Gauge Connection Rod

Premier Timpani Tuning Gauge Connection Rod

As shown in the photo. Connects the tuning gauge to the pedal.

Price $40

Part no.701-52

Plastic foot or end fitting for a Premier instrument I am not aware of as yet. Part no. 701-52.

Price: $3.50 each.

Side Drum Sling

Drum Holder

Attach to marching snare and tenor drums

Price:This price $5 each.

Premier marching drum leg rest

Premier marching drum leg rest

A simple leg rest that probably fits on a number of different drums.

This price $5 each.

Hi Tension Lug Nut part No. 700-21

Premier high tension lug nut.

Part no 700-21.

Price: $1.00 each.

Premier HTS and Marching Drum Snare Wires

I have a number of Original Premier Marching snare wires for internal and external snares.

Premier 651 Snare Wire

Premier 651 Top Internal Snare

Part Number 651 is a top internal snare wire. Not sure which drum this will suit, but it will be an early drum. The cardboard package and the printing on the cardboard are very suggestive of the 50's or 60's. I have seen one suggestion on the net that it is for a Super Ace drum.

Price: $40

Premier 0678 Snare Wire

Premier 0655 0678 Snare Wire

Part Number 0678 are bottom external wires, 24 strands, used on HTS800, HTS700 and HTS200 drums. Three left.

Price: $40

Part no.0897 Carrying Bar

Part No. 0897, Carrying bar.

Price: $10.00 each.

HTS Long Suspension Tube. Part No. 9934

Premier HTS long suspension tube. Part no 9934.

Price: $20.00 pair.

Premier Part No. SP0835-009

Premier Part No. SP0835-009. Don't know what its for but hopefully someone needs one?

Price: $10.00.

Premier Part No. SP0200-15

Premier Part No. SP0200-15. These are the grommets used on either end of the high tension rod covers on HTS snare drums.

Price: $1.00 each.

Premier Carry Ring. Part No. 901CA

Premier Carry Ring. Part No. 901CA. Used on Premier bass drums.

Price: $10.00.

Premier Accessory Part no.SP0835-026CA

Premier Accessory Part no.SP0835-026CA. I know it's a Premier accessory of some sort, because of the label, and I'm sure whoever needs it will recognise it.

Price: $15.00.

Premier Drum Lug part no. SP3922-Q2S

Premier drum lug, part no SP3922-Q2S.

Price: $10.00.

Premier Drum Lug Inserts

Premier drum lug inserts.

Price: $1.00 each.

Premier Drum Lug Inserts part no.SP0828-371

Premier drum lug inserts. Part no.SP0828-371.

Price: $1.00 each.

Premier Part no. sp0040-025

Premier part no. sp0040-025. This is a marching drum hook for drum harness.

Price: $10.00.

Premier Drum Part no.SP0125-024

Premier drum Part no.SP0828-371.

Price: $10.00 each.

Premier Part no. Sp0182-023

Premier part no. SP0182-023. Premier Drum tensioning bolt. 155 mm long (6 inches) Price: $7.00 each.(pictured)

Premier part no. SP0181-023. Premier Drum tensioning bolt. 145 mm long (5.5 inches) Price: $6.00 each

Premier part no. SP0179-023. Premier Drum tensioning bolt. 125 mm long (5 inches) Price: $5.00 each.

Premier part no. 9099. Premier Drum tensioning bolt. 95 mm long (3.75 inches) Price: $3.00 each

Premier part no. 260. Premier Drum tensioning bolt. 40 mm long (1.5 inches) Price: $3.00 each

Premier part no. SP5026. Premier Drum tensioning bolt. 12 mm long (0.5 inches) Price: $1.50 each.

Premier Drum Part no.SP0200-00SCA

Premier drum tensioning bolt. Part no.SP0828-371.

Price: $7.50 each.

Premier Part no. SP0200-045SCA

Premier part no. SP0200-045SCA.

Price: $50.00.

Premier Drum Part no.SP0200-044

Premier drum Part no.SP0200-044L and SP0200-044R.

Price: $11.50 pair.

Premier Part no. SP0600-016L

Premier part no. SP0600-016L.

Price: $5.00 each.

Premier Drum Part no.SP0751-126CA-2

Premier Part no.SP0751-126CA-2

Price: $4 each.

Premier Drum Part no.SP0835-007

Premier drum Part no.SP0835-007

Price: $9 each.

Premier Part no. SP0835-026CA

Premier part no. SP0835-026CA.

Price: $6.00 each.

Premier Drum Part no.SP0200-012

Premier drum Part no.SP0200-012

Price: $1.00 each.